The Mission

Brewed to offer drinkers a bold, rich and thoroughly enjoyable cold brew, Blackbird Concentrate is built on the creativity of the people who buy it. Whether it is enjoyed straight-up with water, or as part of a custom concoction, Blackbird Cold Brew will be an accent to your daily routine while allowing your creative blends to fuel and energize your busy lifestyle.

We wanted to bring people a bold, rich, and enjoyable cold brew that they can enjoy and create in the comfort of their own home, office, or the great outdoors.

The Team

With the new trend of cold brew coffees in cafes growing in popularity, the founders Tyler and Tanner wanted to create a lifestyle beverage to share their love of cold brew coffee with people in Alberta and beyond. Cold brew is all we do, and we love and stand behind the product and community that this brand embodies.

Ty and Tanner at a market.

The Coffee

What is cold brew coffee you ask? It’s the result of steeping coffee beans for 24 hours in cool water rather than the traditional brewing methods that use hot water. Cold brew coffee has 65-70% less acidity than regular coffee, and is much less bitter as a result. The final product is a smooth and flavourful taste with even more caffeine than usual.

The beans are 100% Organic and Fair Trade Arabica beans from Guatemala and Sumatra that were specifically picked for how well they tasted cold brewed. After being roasted on the outskirts of Calgary under the spectacular view of the rockies, these beans then make their way into being brewed and bottled right here in the heart of YYC.