What We Do

Nitro Can

Premium black coffee infused with nitrogen for a sweet and creamy texture. Our cold brew has zero sugar, is less acidic, higher in caffeine, and has a naturally smooth taste profile. Blackbird is made with all natural fair trade ingredients and gives you a smooth energy boost that you can feel great about.


The 1L cold brew concentrate is creativity in a bottle. Mix 1:1 with water for iced coffee (makes 8-10 cups), create signature cocktails, or use in the kitchen with a variety of recipes. This bottle is the perfect addition to your bar, restaurant, or home.

Nitro Keg

The delicious offering of nitro coffee at your fingertips. This single use keg hooks up to any current tap set up and dispenses with pure nitrogen to produce a stout like pour. The creamy texture gives your guests a refreshing coffee experience unique to nitro cold brew.

Private Label

Interested in creating your own cold brew experience? Or maybe you have a beverage product of your own? We can provide a variety of solutions from large to small to suit your needs.

Whether it’s branding, packaging, brewing, or supply chain we can help you with what ever beverage you may be curious in packaging. With our expertise we make it it easy for beverage companies, roasters or cafe’s to offer their beverages in an attractive package without the mess, equipment and time commitments.

Feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have regarding the process. We have worked with many satisfied customers and would love to see how we can help you.