Locally Roasted, Organic, Fair Trade Goodness.

Posted by Tyler on January 5, 2017 in About

organic, local, fair-trade coffee

The three most common questions we receive about our coffee are, where is it roasted, is it organic, and is it fair trade. We are very proud and happy to say that it is roasted locally, and that both types of beans that we use are organic and traded fairly.

The Goal

When starting this company we initially focused on having a fun and easy going brand with a delicious product. As we looked more into how we were going to accomplish this, we realized there was another and arguably more important aspect of Blackbird that was going to be how we sourced our beans. Nowadays most people are educated on some level about coffee, and most people know that there is a lot more to it then just a great tasting bean from some country far away. You need to be assured that what you are drinking comes from a sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain that provides fair equity to all those involved. We feel that our beans exceed these expectations all the while making a delicious cold brew that we are proud of.

The Cooperatives

In past blogs we have outlined where our beans come from, both Guatemala and Sumatra. But what cooperatives and fair trade networks exactly are involved?

The first bean, organic beans from Sumatra, is part of Cooperativa Cafe Timor (CCT). This is a large organization of nearly 22,000 members from 18 geographic groups that came together to make their coffee available internationally. The Fair Trade certification they have helps the farmers get a premium for their coffee. This helps with the inconsistent nature of coffee prices, and the premium price improves the local economies and livelihoods of everyone involved in these incredible growing regions.

The second bean in our blend, are organic beans from Guatemala. The Guatemala bean holds the Rainforest Alliance Certification. Similar to other cooperatives and seal of approvals, it is designed to meet the Sustainable Agriculture Network standard to conserve and protect forests and waterways, and safeguard the wellbeing of workers and local communities.

The Roaster

From these cooperatives, there are international buyers and brokers which, unless buying direct from a single farm, coffee roasters use to purchase beans from around the world. Which finally brings us to our roaster, CrickleCreek Coffee Roasters out of Priddis Alberta. CrickleCreek believes in a fresh is best attitude, and offer local delivery weekly. They focus primarily on the quality of their coffee and providing customers with unique varietals and varieties for all to enjoy and provide weekly deliveries in the Calgary area. We are very pleased to be working with them to provide a quality cup of coffee, so you can enjoy our cold brew knowing that each and every piece of the puzzle has come together to give you the delicious coffee that is so near and dear to our caffeine fuelled lifestyles.