Mix the Perfect Drink

Posted by Tanner on July 5, 2016 in Recipes


Is there a perfect mixed drink? Or is the pursuit of the perfect drink what makes all of the fun? We think you can only mix the perfect drink for yourself, that’s why we love the creativity behind offering a concentrate rather than a ready to go option. We see the creativity inside a bottle of Blackbird Cold Brew, and we love to see what people come up with.

The Mix

If you want it black then you get to decide the strength by adding more or less water. If you want it with cream and sugar like you’ve always done, then mix it up just how you like it. You will be surprised at how our refreshingly smooth cold brew transforms your daily routine. The options in a bottle of concentrate are endless and that’s why we at Blackbird are so excited to be able to offer people a premium coffee concentrate that we are proud of.

The Alcohol

Fancy yourself a cocktail? Check out our recipe section, or Google some fun drinks ideas. The options are endless when you start introducing vodkas, rums, liqueurs, bitters, fruits, carbonated beverages and much more. By the time you’re done with fancy mixing and the fun presentation of your new cocktail creation you will be sure to have told all your friends and lit up social media before you even take the first sip.

The Baking

Fancy yourself a foody? Drinking our cold brew may be just the beginning of your coffee love affair. Baking with our concentrate allows you to pack in the coffee taste without the usual watered down coffee that you might have used in the past. Or if you haven’t cooked with coffee yet, our concentrate will allow you to make coffee infused cakes, ice creams, whip creams, muffins, cookies, pies, sauces, syrups, icings, and pretty much anything you can come up with.

With all this talk of ideas you will be sure to create something that suits your liking. When you’re done with your recipe we would love to see what you came up with. Share it on social media or send us an email so we can try it ourselves and share your concoction with the world.

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Photo via Visual Hunt