Nitro Cold Brew

Posted by Tyler on March 5, 2019 in About Lifestyle

nitrogen coffee in a glass.
If you’re a coffee geek you may have heard about nitro cold brew; and if you’re one of the lucky few you may have even tried some. It is a truly refreshing experience and to those who haven’t heard yet, it is a unique way to enjoy coffee like you’ve never had it before.

What is Nitro Coffee?

The premise is simple and the outcome incredible; cold brewed coffee pressurized with pure nitrogen. The nitrogen bubbles provide a smooth effervescent pour that cascades into the glass, creates a creamy head reminiscent of draft beer, and gives a deliciously sweet and creamy mouth feel. All of this from a single beverage made up of only coffee and water, pressurized with nitrogen. There are no sugars, artificial flavours, or other additives in our nitro coffee.

True nitro coffee can only be experienced fresh out of a tap, or out of a beverage container that has been conditioned properly. There are many ways to get nitrogen into coffee, but if not done properly there won’t be much of the desired and vibrant nitrogen effect on the coffee. If it looks creamy and creates a head on the coffee similar to a beer then you’re probably drinking some pretty good nitro coffee!

How to Nitro

We get questions time to time about our cans and how to get the best nitro effect out of them. Our cans do not have a widget that releases nitrogen, they are simply conditioned and pressurized with nitrogen so it’s up to you to get the bubbles moving. Here’s the best way to get the desired effect:

  1. Make sure your can of coffee is cold. The colder the better because nitrogen is most active at low temperatures (ideally at or below 4 degrees).
  2. Shake the can. Do not be afraid this is not like beer. Shaking it up is where the magic happens and although at first it feels wrong, shake up that can! Ideally shake it for 10-15 seconds VIGOROUSLY.
  3. Pour into a glass. After shaking, quickly crack the can open and immediately pour directly upside down into a glass, even shaking the can slightly during the pour. (The can may spray a little when opened but thats all apart of the fun). It’s all about getting the most action out of the nitrogen. It can be drank out of the can, but for best results, and to see the coffee and nitrogen in action, it’s best to pour it into a glass.

Is There Any Other Benefits to Nitrogen Infused Coffee?

Apart from the benefits of cold brew coffee, the small amount of nitrogen in the coffee itself works to relax your blood vessels that in turn increases blood flow. Coupled with the caffeine in the coffee you will feel energized more than a regular cup of coffee. It also makes a great pre-workout to get you going in the gym.

Try it out today. If you like what you taste and would love to offer your customers a new and exciting menu option for your restaurant or cafe, drop us a line today. You too can have the bold, smooth, and delicious Blackbird Nitro flowing for all to enjoy.