Where We Get Our Beans

Posted by Tyler on July 21, 2016 in About


In the beginning we had a concept and knew that we wanted to create a fun brand with a product that we stood behind. A few months later we were hooked on our own concoction and knew that others would enjoy the blend that we now bottle.

So how exactly did we get here, and the question all enthusiasts want to know is: where exactly do our beans come from? This is a two part answer.

First, The Beans.

Blackbird features a blend of two types of Arabica beans from Guatemala and Sumatra. Chosen for their rich, dark roast taste properties, they come together to create a full bodied and delicious french roast. The basis of cold brew is to not release the acidity that comes out in the usual hot brewing process so we were on the hunt to make sure it was as smooth and sweet as possible using only the right beans with nothing else added but water. For us this was a fun adventure of trial and error, and if you’ve ever tried to make cold brew yourself you may have realized that not all beans taste great cold brewed. Our work was cut out for us, and we are more than satisfied with our perfected blend.

Second, The Roaster.

Now, where do we get our coffee beans roasted you ask? Well, we searched high and low, ordered and purchased samples of beans from a variety of places, and after weeks of tasting and evaluating what we wanted from a cold brew, we found our unicorn. Not only were the beans great, but the roaster was great too. Located near Priddis Alberta, we came across Cricklecreek Coffee Roasters. Nestled in on a beautiful acreage overlooking the Rocky Mountains, the roaster is on a quiet road far from any city life. It’s here that we worked with the team and settled on a blend of beans that was not only delicious, but was roasted in an environment that we wanted the brand to embody. It couldn’t be more of a perfect match.

So when you enjoy your next cup of Blackbird Cold Brew, know what it embodies, know where it came from, and know that we took the time to pick out the best beans possible so you can take the time to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee.

Photo via Visualhunt.com