Why Cold Brew?

Posted by Tyler on August 27, 2017 in About

why cold brew coffee?

Why Cold Brew?

If you haven’t heard much about cold brew before, don’t worry. In Canada, it’s a relatively new product outside of the coffee culture crowd. It has been very popular in the US for sometime now, and is gaining momentum in the great north. But why is it so popular, and what is it exactly?

Different from regularly brewed coffee that uses heat, cold brewing coffee relies on time rather than hot temperatures to extract certain properties from the beans. At Blackbird, we steep our beans in cold water for a full 24 hours. The smooth taste is both a result from what is drawn out of the beans during this time, and what is not.

Less Acidic

The largest differentiator between cold brew and regular coffee is the smoothness. The cold brewing process doesn’t draw all the acids out of the bean, resulting in a finished product that is around 65-70% less acidic. The taste profile of the bean transforms into a smooth, sweet, and less bitter finish than its traditional hot brewed counterpart. Being less acidic also is easier on your stomach and teeth, so won’t cause the upset stomach that can occur using traditional brewing methods.


More caffeine is also a nice benefit of cold brewing coffee. Over the 24 hours it draws out more of the good stuff that keeps you going throughout the day. This is why our concentrated cold brew is so diverse, because even when you mix it, you will still get a good kick of caffeine and all of the glorious smooth taste.

Make sure you message us if you have any questions, and next time you see a cold brew on the shelf at your local store, give it a whirl!